Original T House

Japanese-style T House

Interior Dimensions 6ft x 6ft
SIZE: Footprint on the ground is 6ft 7in x 6ft 7in
The building rests on 4 level stones or pads
It stands 10ft tall and the roof is 10ft long x 8ft 6" wide.

Tony's T House has transformed my tiny suburban backyard into an enchanted, secret world.
It has unleashed my imagination. Suddenly, everything belongs.
The new pond afloat with lilies and water hyacinth, the fern garden, the japanese lanterns,
the gravel pathways, and the family of stone deer which sat for years at my neighborhood antique store, waiting for a home.
JG, Studio City

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The basic Original T House is designed as a gazebo or place to dine.
Regular T near Beach Original T near Beach
Regular T House Original T House
Regular T at Shangri-La Original T at Shangri-La
Regular T at Beach Original T at Beach
Beach House Regular T Beach House Original T
Original Pool T Original T by the pool.
HomeShow T House HomeShow T House
Tony in Orig. T Tony in Original T
Zubin's T One of the T Houses at The Walk. The Walk is a creation of Zubin and Shahastra where you are taken on a guided meditative journey through nature.
Ojai, California
bevtcarolnice-thumb.jpg (3648 bytes) Beverly Hills, CA
bevveiledtbevhills-thumb.jpg (5168 bytes) T House at the Robinson Garden, Beverly Hills, CA
bevcurtains-thumb.jpg (3842 bytes) Beverly Hills, CA
bevclose-thumb.jpg (4836 bytes) Great for Garden Parties & Weddings, Beverly Hills, CA
bevpaulmitchell-thumb.jpg (4348 bytes) Tony & Paul Mitchell, Beverly Hills, CA
ovicloseup-thumb.jpg (4681 bytes) One of ten Original T Houses at Ojai Valley Inn & Spa.

More Original T House designs and possibilities:

sleeping space Guest T House

Give each guest or child their own sleep space.

Dining T Sushi T House
with 3'x6' Table
Seats 10
Zaca Lake T Santa Barbara, California

At Zaca Lake. A place for reflection , a place to begin and end a swim, a place to tie your boat.

Hot Tub T Hot Tub in T House.
t-gazebos-thumb.jpg (9549 bytes) More T's at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa
t-foldingdoors-thumb.jpg (14383 bytes) An Original T House with shoji walls, giving it a Japanese flavor.
batik-t-thumb.jpg (9018 bytes) Original T with shoji walls.
playhouse-thumb.jpg (13158 bytes) Customized T House, hand painted by Ojai artist Carmen Abelleira-White.
burnman2-thumb.jpg (5149 bytes) Original T enjoying the wind at Burning Man.
lowell-tony-thumb.jpg (3595 bytes) T House visiting The Christopher Lowell Show on the Discovery Channel, Universal Studios, CA.
patrusslake-thumb.jpg (4770 bytes) Another Lakeside T House.
RegularT-large-thumb The Ojai Valley Inn & Spa uses its T Houses as outdoor dining rooms, complete with gauze curtains.
RegularT-large-thumb Here is the "Christmas T House". We are really enjoying our "haven". My daughter and I used to beach camp a lot, now we can camp out in the garden. We play games, read, listen to the fountain and/or music and enjoy the birds singing. (Oh, and the bunnies running around help us relax, too.) It is a fun way to be in the here and now. I enjoy the quiet moments in the morning, drinking my tea, feeling calm, before the hectic reality of the day sets in. I've had lots of fun dreaming of all the gardening I plan to do in the surrounding space. - Susan


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