Basic Models of T House

T Houses come as easily assembled bolt together kits ready for assembly.    Every kit includes instructions, predrilled frame, pre-cut flooring, roof*, and all assembly hardware.  A wrench, screwdriver, level and square are the only tools needed to assemble your T house.   

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T Room

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  We can customize your kit to your personal needs and climate to create a massage space, office, tea room, guest house, yoga studio, green house, children's' play house, etc.

Options include roll-up canvas walls, screen walls, pop-up "Kotasu" tables, shelving units, limited edition silk screen and hand-batiked hangings, hand carved decorative ridge pieces and wooden plaques and other accoutrements. 

*Roof is an attractive white, long life, water-repellant canvas which lets in a soft light.   The fabric is warranted for 5 years and should last many more.

A cup is made
of bottom and sides--
but its use
lies in emptiness.

A house is made
of roof and walls--
but its use
lies in emptiness.

The greater the road,
The greater the emptiness.
Something about nothing
makes us able to use
what's there by what isn't.

So tell me, please,
which you like best:
being ...
or nothingness?

-Lao Tzu


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