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How to Order ...

To provide you with exactly the kind of TeaHouse that best suits your needs and taste, and to help reduce our collective impact on the environment we all share, each East-West TeaHouse is built to order.

Generally speaking, the Ordering Process includes a number of steps:

  • Explore & Discuss — initial Background, Tell Us What You Want, Get More Information

Explore & Discuss


The website should provide you with a good introduction to East-West TeaHouse, including:

  • Basic Models — comparing features, dimensions & general specifications.
  • Options — outlining a range of potential configurations and ways to detail your TeaHouse, to help you imagine and create a truly unique and personalized structure.
  • Images & Ideas — giving you some perspective on the look and feeling of a TeaHouse, and a better sense of the possibilities based on what others have done in a variety of settings, locations and environments.
  • Pricing — providing a general idea on how much any particular TeaHouse or option will cost, to help you better anticipate the scale of your project.
Tell Us What You Want

With this background and context in mind, many people will find they know exactly what kind of TeaHouse they want — and if that's the case with you, please:

  • Share your preferences with us — by calling, writing, or sending us an email ...

East-West TeaHouse

P.O. Box 923 - Ojai, California  93024


Ask for More Information

Since there are number of choices and options to consider with each East-West TeaHouse, it can also be helpful to have a discussion with us to investigate and explore the possibilities.

A conversation can be especially valuable when you are looking for a customized TeaHouse, or when your particular needs don't seem to be met by by our basic models and options.

In either case, we will be happy to provide you with more information by:

  • Sharing Guidance & Suggestions — With our background in building and assembling a wide variety of TeaHouses over many years, we can often draw on this experience to help guide and inform your own decision-making about the best choice and solution for you.
  • Showing You Some TeaHouses — If you are within ready driving distance of our home in Ojai, California, or if you are planning an upcoming visit to our area, please let us know — we would be happy to meet with you in person, answer any questions you may have, and show you a few examples of nearby TeaHouses in publicly accessible spaces.
  • Sending Fabric Samples — If you would like have a closer look at the fabrics we use for our roofs, walls, skylights, windows and screens, please let us know and we will be glad to send you a selection of swatch samples.
  • Creating Custom Solutions — In those instances when your needs and tastes go beyond our basic models and options, we can work with you to help find a custom solution for your particular TeaHouse, project and situation ... and if we don't have a ready answer for one of your questions, we'll do our best to find and share additional information, or to point you in the right direction.

Quote for Your TeaHouse

Outline of Your Project

Once you have decided on the kind of East-West TeaHouse you want, we will create an outline of your project, including:

  • Cover Letter or Email — recapping any conversation we have had about your particular needs and situation, and ...
  • Detailed Quote — including the model, features and options of your TeaHouse, and any other features or services that are part of your overall project — such as custom elements or design work, and assembly & installation by East-West TeaHouse when we deliver to you direct in nearby Southern California.

    And so that you can plan ahead and move forward on your overall project with utmost confidence, know that all our TeaHouse Quotes are good for a full 60 days.

Your Review and Approval

After you have received our Quote, please review it to make sure that we have described your project accurately — including your TeaHouse, its options, and any custom features or other services involved:

  • Approve Your Project — If everything in our Quote looks accurate and complete, you can indicate your approval and place your order by sending us a check ...
  • Questions or Updates — After reviewing our Quote, if you have any further questions about your TeaHouse, or if you would like to revise any aspect of your project, please let us know — we will be happy to give you our best answers, and to provide you with an Updated Quote that better reflects your exact needs, tastes, preferences and specifications.

Place Your Order

Send Us Your Check

To place your order, please send us your check made out to "East-West TeaHouse":

East-West TeaHouse

P.O. Box 923 — Ojai, California  93024

Order Confirmation

Once we have received your check, we will:

  • Confirm Your Order — by acknowledging the arrival of your check, and ...
  • Add Your Project to Our Build Schedule — allowing us to order any special materials we might need to create your TeaHouse, schedule the appropriate construction time in our shop, and to synchronize your order with the various other projects we are working on.

As your TeaHouse nears completion and the time approaches for pick up, delivery or shipping, we will be back in touch with you to help coordinate any final dates and details.

And of course, if you have any further questions or concerns — whether before or after you place your order — please don't hesitate to ask, and we'll do our best to provide you with a good answer, fresh solutions, new ideas, or additional perspective.


For more on planning ahead for your East-West TeaHouse, please visit our page on:

Scheduling & Timing    >>>


For more information about East-West TeaHouse — or to place an order with us — please contact:


East-West TeaHouse

P.O. Box 923 — Ojai, California  93024

Phone:   805-646-7355

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