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Profile:  Tea Room

The Tea Room is the choice for those looking to combine solid design with maximum versatility and flexibility.

The Tea Room's pyramid-shaped roof has eaves on all four sides, offering superior protection against sun, wind and rainy weather. And the ivory "skylight" at the apex of the roof admits a warm glow from above, filling the Tea Room with soft light.

With the addition of optional fabric and screen walls, the Tea Room transforms into a highly responsive, multi-season structure that can go from airy "cabana" to screened in "lanai" to cozy wind- and waterproof "cabin" — all without tools, and all in just a few minutes.

The four supporting posts of the Tea Room are located in the very corners of the structure, making the entire 10' x 10' deck of the Tea Room into usable "internal space." At 100 square feet, this generous interior also provides plenty of room for a variety of furnishings — guest beds, a massage table, sofas and chairs.

The standard deck on a 10' x 10' Tea Room is made with Douglas fir floor boards, which can be readily stained in your choice of custom colors. Custom decks can also include pop-up Kotatsu Tables, cantilevered extensions and porches, or high-quality redwood floor boards.

Fabric walls and screens likewise come in a range of configurations:  plain/solid, with zippered entrances, with round "Moon Windows" made of clear vinyl, and with a combination of features. Walls and screens can go on any side of a Tea Room, are available in a range of custom colors, and can be easily opened, closed, rolled up or rolled down in response to the changes in wind, sun, temperature or time of day.

Main Features:  Tea Room

  • 10 foot x 10 foot deck - made of 2 x 6 Douglas fir floor boards.
  • Pyramid-shaped fabric roof - Dark Green with central Ivory "skylight" at the peak ...

    Made of high-quality marine cloth, waterproof, mildew & UV resistant, dimensionally stable, fabric warranted for 5 years.

  • Douglas fir posts & beams - handcrafted in Ojai, California
  • All parts sanded & finished - with stains by Penofin Stains: Western Red Cedar, Mission Brown, Sierra, Mahogany or Nantucket Mist.
  • Shipped as an easily assembled, bolt together kit - or, for locations near our California workshop, we deliver to you direct.
  • Comprehensive illustrated instructions.
  • For our local customers, optional installation & assembly by East-West TeaHouse.
  • Pricing:
Tea Room — with deck 10' wide x 10' long:

* structure, roof & hardware only - no flooring


Key Dimensions:  Tea Room

  • "Footprint" of posts on the ground: 10' 0" x 10' 0"
  • Overall length & width (of deck):  10 feet long x 10 feet wide
  • Overall height:  at peak of pyramid roof ~12' 0"
  • "Internal" dimensions between posts:  10' 0" x 10' 0"

Options:  Tea Room

Wall + Screen Wall Options

  • Roll-up Walls in various configurations - made with high quality marine fabric:
  • with a Round "Moon Window" or wide Rectangular "Picture Window" of clear vinyl
  • with a Zip-out "Moon Window" over a screen
  • with a Zippered Entrance *
  • as a Plain (solid) fabric wall *
  • as Compound Walls with "Moon Window" + Zippered Entrance, or other Custom Designs

      * Zippered Entrance and Plain (solid) walls also available in unbleached cotton canvas.


  • Screen walls - plain or as a zippered entrance, in fiberglass insect netting or high quality mesh.
  • Many custom color marine fabrics available - for the roof, for the walls, for both.

Other Options

  • Kotatsu Table - panel lifts up from the floor to rest on 4 pop-up able legs, then drops back down again to lay flat - size of table top from (approximately) 2ft x 2ft ... up to 2ft x 6ft.
  • Available unstained, or in your choice of custom color deck finishes from Penofin Stains.
  • Custom deck - made of 2 x 6 redwood floor boards.
  • Custom cantilevered "porches" - on any or all sides of the Tea Room.
  • Installation & assembly by East-West TeaHouse - for locations within ready driving distance of our home in Ojai, California.

Thumbnail Gallery:  Tea Room

(For additional images in a larger format, please visit our Main Gallery ...)

As a lanai - with a zippered screen entrance and custom "Antique Beige" roof + walls
On a wooded hillside - with a "Moon Window" walls + roof in standard green

On a matching custom surround deck, with 4x2 kotatsu, "Moon Window" + zippered walls, and triangular shade sail.
Poolside - with an all "ivory" roof + matching walls in unbleached cotton canvas

As a guest bedroom - with twin beds and "Moon Window" walls
Interior view on Tea Room as lanai - showing zippered entrance + other screen walls

With a custom wall featuring both a zippered entrance and a "Moon Window"
As a backyard retreat - with an all "ivory" roof and matching plain + zippered walls in high-quality marine fabric

Sunset view from inside a Tea Room - with a 4x2 kotatsu table in the foreground
As guest bedroom - with twin beds, "Moon Window" walls, and skylight in roof

On a path in a California grove - standard green roof + walls
Poolside - with custom "Antique Beige" marine fabric on roof + walls, and "Cordovan Brown" stain on structure + deck

Interior view on custom wall that combines a "Moon Window" with a zippered entrance

View of the roof + skylight from inside a
Tea Room

As an outdoor bedroom - with walls, screens + double bed
As a shady backyard sanctuary overlooking a koi pond

As a massage studio - with a custom draw curtain entrance, staircase + ceiling fan
In the garden - with all green roof, custom draw curtains, 5x2 kotatsu, extended cantilevered deck + front step

Detail of custom deck in 2x6 redwood - extended + cantilevered over a pond
With"Moon Window" walls, and a roof in standard green marine fabric, with an ivory skylight at the peak

As a guest bedroom - with a double bed and "Moon Window" walls
Detail of custom "Cordovan Brown" stain for the structure, and "Antique Beige" marine fabric for the roof + walls

Customized by designer Heidi Leiaghat, with furniture, lace curtains + chandelier - profiled in "Coastal Living" May 2006
Poolside on a serene morning - with roof + walls in custom "Antique Beige" marine fabric

Catalogue Pages:  Tea Room

Downloadable catalogue pages for the Tea Room — in .pdf ...


  • Profile — outlining the main features, specifications + options of the Tea Room

    More Details on Tea Rooms — flexibility, interior space, custom options & more

  • Floor Plan — comparing the 10' x 10' Tea Room with our other basic models
  • Fabric Colors — standard roof:  Dark Green with Ivory "skylight" - plus - Custom Colors
  • Stain Colors — our palette of stain colors for decks & structures — from Penofin Stains


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