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Original TeaHouse

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Profile:  Original TeaHouse

A classic "room without walls," the Original TeaHouse creates a welcome sanctuary — in the yard, in the garden, or as part of the wider landscape.

The 6' x 10' deck is made of redwood floor boards, and features two cantilevered "porches," one on each end. The peaked roof is made of high-quality marine fabric that protects you from sun and rain alike, and will give you years of service.

The addition of an optional pop-up Kotatsu Table helps make an Original TeaHouse even more versatile and responsive — creating an intimate table surface at a moment's notice for a meal or a cup of tea.

Simple fabric walls, roll-up blinds, curtains, artwork, screens — even hard walls or shelving — are all easy ways to extend the range of possibilities, to create extra shade and privacy, and to enhance the unique and personal qualities of your Original TeaHouse.

A simple shelter of harmony, balance and grace, an Original TeaHouse aims to connect you with your surroundings — providing a place to sit or sleep, repose or reflect, by yourself or with friends.

Main Features:  Original TeaHouse

  • 6 foot x 10 foot floor - made of 1 x 6 redwood planking.
  • "Ivory" fabric roof - made of high-quality marine cloth, waterproof, mildew & UV resistant, dimensionally stable, fabric warranted for 5 years.
  • Douglas fir posts & beams - handcrafted in Ojai, California.
  • All parts sanded & finished - with stains by Penofin Stains: Western Red Cedar, Mission Brown, Sierra, Mahogany or Nantucket Mist.
  • Shipped as an easily assembled, bolt together kit - or, for locations near our California workshop, we deliver to you direct.
  • Comprehensive illustrated instructions.
  • For our local customers, optional installation & assembly by East-West TeaHouse.
  • Pricing:
Original TeaHouse — with deck 6' wide x 10' long:

* structure, roof & hardware only - no flooring


Key Dimensions:  Original TeaHouse

  • "Footprint" of posts on the ground: 6' 7" x 6' 7"
  • Overall height & length:  ~ 10 feet tall x 10 feet long
  • Overall width:  floor - 6' 0" / roof trusses - 9' 0"
  • "Internal" dimensions between posts:  6 feet x 6 feet
  • Two "porches," one on each end:  2 feet x 6 feet each

Options:  Original TeaHouse

  • Kotatsu Table - panel lifts up from the floor to rest on 4 pop-up able legs, then drops back down again to lay flat - size of table top from (approximately) 2ft x 2ft ... up to 2ft x 6ft.
  • Walls & Curtains - made of hemp canvas, cotton canvas, marine fabric, or screen insect netting.
  • Roll-up Blinds - made of "matchstick" bamboo.
  • Curtain Rails - to support walls, screens, curtains & other hangings on the "porch" ends of the Original TeaHouse - stained to match the structure.
  • Custom Color Roof - in high quality marine fabric ... many colors to choose from.
  • Custom Roof in Hemp Canvas, or corrugated "Tin" ... instead of our standard marine fabric roof.
  • Screen Infills on roof trusses - with insect netting.
  • Available unstained, or in your choice of custom color deck finishes from Penofin Stains.
  • Installation & assembly by East-West TeaHouse - for locations within ready driving distance of our home in Ojai, California.

Thumbnail Gallery:  Original TeaHouse

(For additional images in a larger format, please visit our Main Gallery ...)

Creekside, with 2x2 kotatsu table, roll-up matchstick bamboo blinds + batik hanging
With 3x2 kotatsu table, roll-up matchstick bamboo blinds, and custom hemp roof -
at EarthPlay, 2007

With 2x2 kotatsu table, and deck with custom "Deep Forest" stain - at Lulu Bandha, 2006
On a hillside, with custom "Heartwood" stain, roll-up matchstick bamboo blinds and carved truss infill

In an orange grove, with 2x2 kotatsu table and beaded curtains
Lakeside, with matchstick bamboo blinds and batik hanging

In garden with pond and gathered sheer curtains
With 4x2 kotatsu, batik and shoji screens - in Japanese garden with bamboo and pond

In the corner of a small sculpture garden - with 3x2 kotatsu table
With 3x2 kotatsu table, roll-up matchstick bamboo blinds, and custom hemp roof -
at EarthPlay, 2008

Customized with corrugated "tin" roof and artwork by Carmen Abelleira
As a dining pavilion at the Ojai Valley Inn + Spa - with a large kotatsu and lace curtains

With a 2x2 kotatsu table and roll-up matchstick bamboo blinds
Out on the rock for a seasonal celebration - with a batik hanging

Customized by designer Nina Terzian - profiled in "Coastal Living" May 2006
With custom "Cordovan Brown"stain on deck + structure, and 2x2 kotatsu

A meditation pavilion at Ojai Valley Inn + Spa
- profiled in "Westways," 2007
With 4x2 kotatsu table - customized with shoji screens + truss carvings

Standard stains for the Original TeaHouse - "Pacific Redwood" on the structure, and "Mahogany Flame" on the deck
In a small front garden - with 2x2 kotatsu

In the wind at Burning Man - with a custom art wall, curtains and a 2x2 kotatsu
On a hillside overlook - with a 5x2 kotatsu

In "Sunset" magazine's demonstration garden, Menlo Park, California - profiled in 2007
Customized by designer Ruthie Sommers - profiled in "Coastal Living" May 2006

Catalogue Pages:  Original TeaHouse

Downloadable catalogue pages for the Original TeaHouse — in .pdf ...


  • Profile — outlining the main features, specifications + options of the Original TeaHouse
  • Floor Plan — comparing the Original TeaHouse with our other basic models
  • Roof Fabric — standard "Ivory" marine fabric, compared to various Custom Colors
  • Stain Colors — our palette of stain colors for decks & structures — from Penofin Stains
  • Elevation diagram — for the Original TeaHouse, with an end view + additional dimensions


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